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So why Meraki?

I have always been inspired by the passion local food producers express when talking about the produce they have lovingly created and when I began working with hand crafters I realised they too shared this passion for their art. I couldn't help but pick up on their sense of enthusiasm and belief in what they do and I wanted to create events that would showcase their wares and put them in front of an audience that would appreciate the effort, talent, skill and love that each and every one of them puts into creating something unique. 
Their passion is my passion and I am inspired to run my markets and events the same way.
If you appreciate handmade, homemade, artisan, traditional, local, sustainable or ethical come along to any of our events and meet our passionate producers, awesome artisans, creative crafters and inspired importers for yourself. And if you have a passion of your own - follow it! 
If you would like further information on joining our team of stallholders or visiting our markets and events please don't hesitate to contact by phone or email merakimarketsandevents@outlook.com 
In the meantime, have a great day!



We run a number of events from Farmer's Markets, Maker's Markets to Victorian Christmas Events.

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Sharon Astill

Meraki Markets and Events 
2 Tinkers Dell 
East Goscote  
LE7 3SW  
Tel: 07849888752 
Email: merakimarketsandevents@outlook.com

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